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Welcome to The Gluten Free Cooking School!

Australia's only dedicated gluten free cooking school!

In a private and nurturing environment in the rural setting of Samford 30 minutes north west of Brisbane, you will learn to bake tried and tested recipes that will work everytime. With easy to follow instructions and tips along the way, you will achieve confidence in your ability to bake from scratch.

The classes are totally hands on and with different topics to choose from, you will quickly master baking. The cost is inclusive of ingredients and the finished baked products that you will take home with you, as well as private instruction.

There is a growing demand for quality products for those who are sensitive to gluten.  By baking for yourself you can take care of your health in the way that is most important to you.  While it is convenient to buy from stores, you will never really know what you are consuming as the list of ingredients on labels keeps getting longer.

Sign up for a class or more and enjoy the pleasure of freshly baked delicious gluten free food.
I will provide you with:

And most importantly, the ability to rely on yourself for your health and wellbeing!