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E-BOOKS “Naked Baking 1 & 2”

Introducing Naked Baking 2

Download NEW Naked Baking 2 Sample Pages
Download Naked Baking 1 Sample Pages

Exclusively in this article you actually will always be delightful, as well as gold rush australia you haven’t any the same! A new concept in recipe books that is keeping pace with the electronic age and the gluten free eating revolution!

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As more and more people are being encouraged, either by necessity or choice, to omit gluten from their diets, up have sprung many products and recipe books that cater for this need.

As a private baker, in my business Godiva’s Naked Fare�, in Brisbane, my customers would ask me about helping them to expand their thinking and creativity in baking gluten free. So if you are new to baking Welcome! The recipe instructions are all clear and there are many tips and explanations to help you along the way. Being on ‘old-fashioned cook’, I use only pure ingredients. If you have an intolerance to anything other than gluten – like dairy, sugar or egg you may substitute the other ingredients that you would already use in place of these.

Naked Baking 2 is distinctive because it not only offers simple and practical recipes, but also variation tips and how-to hints I have gathered over many years of baking. Though there are some different ingredients that are used in gluten free baking, the basic baking methods are the same as they have always been.

What also sets this book apart from the crowd is that it is available as a downloadable PDF document. This is very appealing as it encourages an ecofriendly approach to a published recipe book through the use of technology that we all use every day, i.e. our computers or our smart phones.

Use this book as a paperless recipe book in your kitchen via your computer, or one of the many forms of technology that are hand held. Or if you prefer, you can print selected favourite recipes for your own personalised Naked Baking 2 book, thus doing your bit to help the environment. If you would like to give this book as a gift for a friend, please resist the temptation to just copy it, and buy another personal copy for them.

“Naked Baking” e-books costs $15.80AUD each (including GST) and you can purchase them via our PayPal links below. After the payment is processed we will email you the e-book you have purchased, so please make sure that you fill the email address field in order form correctly.

It’s all up to you … that’s NAKED BAKING!