About Us

A commitment to this industry and its customers prompted me to start this school after dedicating myself to baking with gluten free products for many years. Being a qualified pastry chef, I am able to convert traditional wheat recipes to gluten free and explore the wonders of world cuisine baking.

As a commercial baker, I learned that many people were asking to be taught how to bake gluten free for themselves because attempts that they have made had not met their expectations. I also learned that commercially available products were often unpleasant and full of added sugar, salt and fat and were very expensive. There was also much confusion about the wide variety of flours available – which to use, how do they perform and taste.

I too have had many failures so I know what it feels like to spend money on ingredients, time in the preparation and the baking process, and then be let down with the result.

The various class recipes are tried and true, simple to bake and more importantly, adaptable.

You will have your own recipes to follow and the tools and ingredients for each recipe. I will be on hand to personally assist you if you are unsure. As the classes are small you will get one on one instruction. At the end of the class, you will take home the products that you have baked to share with your family, as well as the recipes themselves to make again and again.

It is my intention to teach you how to bake gluten free. Along the way, you will gain confidence in the experience and a lifelong skill.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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